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  • 2017 Trip to Bowling Green, KY for the 3rd stop of this years Jegs Super Quick Series
    2017 Trip to Bowling Green, KY for the 3rd stop of this years Jegs Super Quick Series

    Just got back from Bowling Green Ky and the famed Beach Bend raceway. In the end we went out in the 2nd round but many things happened before that. The Mickey Thompson, NGK, Loctite, Nitrous Express, Clear One dragster got its 2nd Low Qualifier of the year. This one however locks us in to the Quick Fuel Technologies Shootout to be held during the fall classic at Indy. Only 8 cars are in this race and we will be in the #2 position. It is a very cool deal and we are really excited to be a part of it. Until that race however we have some other quick races to do including Muncie which I feel will be getting faster. So today we swapped out our 9.5" converter for a 10" Quick Draw. We are hoping to break into the 4.30 range for the first time this year or even better just don't want to set our dreams too high. We may also have to replace our slicks with some of those new Big Bubba's. May have to call My Team M/T contact to line something up. [youtube value="kGFL1iIGU5E" fullscreen="true" width="650" height="450px"]

  • Team M/T and King Racing
    Team M/T and King Racing

    Hello folks, Just got that letter in the mail that we wait for each year at this time and it is official. We have once again been named to Team M/T. We could not be anymore proud and honored. We have been using Mickey Thompson tires for a long time and would not run any other. Weld Wheels modified our current wheels and they just arrived this morning. I am sure we will have a 'tire mounting' party later today. Thanks for following Stay tuned, wish us luck and as always, send money. King Racing Mickey Thompson, NGK, Clear One, Dukes, McIlvain Racecars, Weld Wheels

  • The Heartbeat of the King Racing Dragster
    The Heartbeat of the King Racing Dragster

    We at King Racing are very fortunate to have the support of several great companies whom without them would make it all that much more difficult to be a competitive race team at this level.  That being said we still have to work.  Our Real Estate Team is the Heartbeat of the Race Team.  Without the support of all the Real Estate Clients we could never afford to do what we love.  If you want to check out our page by either clicking in the upper right hand corner of this website or go to www.the-kingteam.com and if you're on Facebook please give it a like! [button url="https://www.facebook.com/KINGTeamListings" icon="facebook"]Like[/button] There you can even run your own search for homes if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area.  For those of you out of state and are considering a move, we can't sell your house ourselves but you can be we can find you a good agent in your area.  After all who's going to know your personality better than another drag racer!!  You can always just call/text Mike 937-645-0447 or Ashleigh 937-537-1722 and they will be happy to help if your or someone you know is thinking about Real Estate!

  • Let the rebuild begin
    Let the rebuild begin

    Hello folks This weekend we started the rebuild process for the strip beast. We will add parts during the week as the parts come in. What is kinda cool about this rebuild is that we are also sending these pics to our friends at Wiseco Pistons. Not sure exactly what they are going to do with them but they asked and we accepted. You know me, always willing to try anything once. Do you suppose they will see all of our marketing partners and friends posted on the shelf behind the engine??? That's all for now. Thanks for following. As always, Stay tuned, Wish us luck and Send money King Racing #TeamM/T, NGK, Clear One,  

  • KING Racing @ the 2016 Fall Classic at Lucas Oil Raceway
    KING Racing @ the 2016 Fall Classic at Lucas Oil Raceway

    Last weekend we ventured out to Lucas Oil Raceway for the Fall Classic. We competed in Super Pro Saturday night and went 4 rounds which was way past my bed time by the way. We would have won that round also if THE Shawn Langdon that we ran would have brought his Top Fuel car which would have been far less consistent. Mike did spank him on the line though with a .009 to his .030 something. But his dead on with a 3 trumped our .003 under. Oh well, a good time was had by all Sunday was the Jegs Super Quick race. We qualified with a 4.53 but went out in the second round. It is such a tough series. Below is round one from D3TV which I am sure you were all glued to watching. Thanks for your support #Teammt, NGK, Clear One, Dukes Quick Lube, Mcilvain Racecars, Webb Racing Transmission [divider] [youtube value="CwLUlaq9N-w" fullscreen="true" width="650px" height="500"]  

  • A Little Drone Footage from the July XOS 4.50 Race
    A Little Drone Footage from the July XOS 4.50 Race

    The Guys from PhotoStrated Aerial Photography were out with their drone again and made us a cool video.  Take a look and enjoy. [youtube value="YV62giZwUQA" fullscreen="true" width="750px" height="650px"]

  • Early July Racing Update
    Early July Racing Update

    Hello all, I know it has been a while but we have not been sitting on our hands. During the little break in the action we have tried to go to other races but have been rained out. We did, once again, attend the Rock N Rib Fest and, once again, had the busiest area on the grounds and, once again, didn't get any Ribs. What is up with that. Instead of getting a trophy for the fastest car on the property, we gave one away. Pretty cool if we do say so ourselves. Last weekend we were at Kilkare raceway in Xenia Ohio for the Xtreme Outlaw Series 4.50 index class. We didn't qualify as well as we normally do. I think we had our NX tune up set right but with a little cloud cover we picked up 1 in the 60 foot and ran a 4.49 on our second attempt. We had previously run a 4.52 and qualified 13th. To make a long story short we made it past the first round but again ran into the Pack and Burris racing team and came out on the wrong end of a very very close race. Our .012 light to their .011 light, or 4.49 to their 4.50. This was probably the closest race of the night. We still had a great time and it gave us a chance to try out our new Nitrous Express tune up.  I think I am going to like it. The car responded just like we wanted it to. Next up still this month, we will be heading to Muncie Dragway in Indiana for another Jegs Super Quick race. We are looking to make a big move at this race including staying in the points lead for the Quick Fuel Shootout. Things are starting to heat up again, so I will be in communication a little more frequently. Until then Stay tuned, wish us luck and send money Terry Kingracingdragster.com

  • 2015 Rock N Rib Fest
    2015 Rock N Rib Fest

    Not sure how you all spent your 4th of  July day but here at King Racing / King Team we spent ours displaying our car and talking to people and hopefully future clients at the 2nd annual Rock N Rib Fest. This year was not much different than last years'. I think we always have the busiest display there. The one difference was that we awarded one lucky car show participant with a Trophy we made using one of our used Piston and Rod out of our race engine and 2 NGK  Spark Plugs. Pretty cool if we do say so ourselves.  Mike was able to say, during his presentation, that this was the only Trophy  here that has been 156 mph in the 1/8 mile. The winning car owner was Bob Olson and a beautiful car it was. Thank you Deral Carson at Big Sky Photos for the pictures. Check Deral out at www.bigskyphoto.net   [gallery ids="3316,3317,3315,3314,3318"]

  • July 4th is this Weekend!! Come Join Us!
    July 4th is this Weekend!! Come Join Us!

    We have been invited back to the 2nd Annual Rock 'N' Rib fest at the Union County Fairgrounds.  What better way to celebrate Americas Holiday than spending the day checking our all the American Made Muscle.  Including our Nitrous Fed All American Made McIlvain Dragster!  Hope to see you there! We are hoping the rain will hold off Saturday in order to make this even a little more enjoyable!  We are doing everything in our power to hold it off but we'll see.  

  • A Good Weekend in Bowling Green, KY for KING Racing
    A Good Weekend in Bowling Green, KY for KING Racing

    Obviously it wasn't the weekend we were looking for since we did not win; however, the car ran good and we did go some rounds in the Super Quick Shootout!  Always looking for the bright side.  Driver needs a little tweaking and we are working on that.  Hopefully the rain holds off and we can get this weekends race at Lyons, Indiana in. Here is a clip of all the passes we made Saturday and Sunday.  Not a lot of commentary but still cool to watch. Enjoy! [youtube value="bZTMUZ7L5YQ" fullscreen="true" width="650" height="550"]


  • The KING Racing Dragster

    KING Racing's Dragster is a:
    - 250" McIlvain, Carbon Fiber, Swing Arm, Dragster
    - 580 Cu In Mopar Making approximately 900 raw engine Horse Power
    - 2 Stages of Nitrous Oxide from Nitrous Express
    + A Plate System capable of adding up to 300 More Horse Power
    + And Last a Direct Port System capable of 600 Additional Horse Power
    - The engine runs Smoothly Firing on 8 Fresh NGK Spark Plugs
    - Traction is Supplied by Mickey Thompson 3186 34.5/17.0-16
    Stay Tuned for the 2015 Season and Feel Free to drop us an email - terrykingracing@gmail.com


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